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Hello everyone, I'm Anna Aggujaro and with my sister Giovanna and our mother Iva we run Hotel Valbrenta, in Piazza Diaz in Limena.
Today, we're telling the story of our establishment.
These photos show how Hotel Valbrenta became a historic residence.
Let's begin.
1800: the square, and in the middle the towering Selgaro;
in its place will be the Great War Memorial, destroyed by the flood.
1930: the railroad that connected Limena to Padua abutted the inn with its portico, which sheltered passengers waiting at the Piazza Diaz stop.
1945: the inn, ravaged by cannon fire during the Second World War.
Our father, Achille Mario Aggujaro, also known as Zio Achille, begins his adventure and takes over the management of the inn.
A photo of our grandparents in 1890, Achille Aggujaro and Anna Adele Pavan, our father Achille Mario's parents.
In 1960 Achille Mario Aggujaro, also known as Zio Achille, takes over the management of the inn.
1970: the dining room where our father worked; and the old bar, also from 1970.
Another photo of our father watching over the cooking of the porchetta, the inn's signature dish; the famous fireplace which unfortunately is no longer there, then the legendary fireplace in the dining room.
1967: Mum and Dad (Achille and Iva) the day after their wedding.
We’re now in 1989: these are the restoration works of Locanda Valbrenta, which in 1990 would become the current Hotel Valbrenta.
It's been a century since Sante Aggujaro bought this establishment and we're still here today, running it with warmth and enthusiasm.
Today we present another new feature at Hotel Valbrenta: In compliance with Covid regulations we introduced online check-in while still keeping the option of checking in in person.
In addition, all guests who want to stay a while longer and leave the room at a later time can arrange a late check-out at reception.
Keep in mind that our rooms are perfect for business as they are set up for smart working.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Wellness room.
The hallmark of this room, apart from WiFi, Sky TV, and herbal tea corner, is that it features an exercise bike.
When the weather is cold and rainy, those who can't exercise outdoors have the option to use the bike in their room.
Have a look. Exercise is always good even on a rainy day. Of course, it's not the same as a bike ride along the cycling trail...
But you got to be happy with the exercise bike in room 213 of Hotel Valbrenta!
Today I'll show you another room. Like all the others it has WiFi, Sky TV, and herbal tea corner, but our rooms' peculiarity is that they are all green, in harmony with the colour of nature and representing the hotel's proximity to the Brenta river.
Another key feature is that each room has its own painting, because each of them represents the local landscape.
Today I'll tell you why people choose us: guests choose Hotel Valbrenta for its relaxing location along the Brenta river, great for biking
and hiking.
Another reason why guests choose Hotel Valbrenta is that we anticipate our guests' needs, and above all because our guests feel expected.
Hotel Valbrenta's spaces and rooms are sanitised with medical grade disinfectants and products.
To safeguard the health of our guests we've established an internal protocol. We look forward to having you for a safe and relaxing stay.
Thank you.