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Golf Club La Montecchia

The Golf of Montecchia, born in 1988 on the initiative of a group of loving Padua entrepreneurs, is now close to the first 25 years of life. The field, a championship course designed by British architect Tom Macaulay, hosted the Challange Tour in 2001 and 2002 and the Alps Tour in 2010 and 2012. Over the years, improvements were made to the track, while nature Has made its part reinforcing the tree heritage.

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Valsugana Rugby Altichiero Padova

Valsugana – or Valsu – is a club born in 1982 and consists of two non-profit associations, based on the volunteering of its members; Is dedicated to promoting rugby practice and values ​​among young people.

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Stadio Euganeo - 7 km

The Euganean Stadium is the main sports facility in the city of Padua. Since 1994 he has hosted the home games of the Padova football team, international athletic events and musical concerts.

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Gran Teatro Geox - 12 Km

The Gran Teatro Geox is one of the most important Italian live spaces. A theater from the metropolitan vocation, which has become the point of reference for the North-East show.

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Centro Sportivo del Plebiscito Padova - 10 Km

Padua’s Plebiscite Sports Center is the main water polo team in the Padua city both in the field of men and women.

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Palaghiaccio - 10 Km

Opened by Karolina Kostner, the splendid Palaghiaccio in Padua is a modern structure, which also hosts hockey and artistic skating courses, is easily accessible and offers the opportunity to practice a different sport than usual.

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PalaFabris - 16 Km

The PalaFabris (formerly Palasport San Lazzaro) is the most important sports hall in the city of Padua and one of the most important in Veneto. In addition to hosting the home games of Padua’s volleyball, basketball and handball teams, it also hosts other sports events such as boxing championships, fencing, kickboxing, tennis, and so on. There are also important musical concerts and conventions.

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Arte e Danza a Padova

Founded in 2005, with the precise aim of creating a unique and highly technical and artistic reality, Artedanza is produced by the experience of Simonetta Vaccara Reynaud, who has had a long professional dancer career in the world of classical, contemporary and jazz ballet. In a very short time, it has given its students the opportunity to showcase their talent and the opportunity to perform professionally …